Exhibitions Notes on a Changing Place

8 September – 3 November 2017

Public event: Tuesday 31 October, 6pm (doors open at 5.30pm) at The McManus, Dundee's Art Gallery and Museum.

Taking the ideas that underpin The Museum of Loss of Renewal as their starting point and using a wide range of historical and personal references, the artists, Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen, who live and work in Dundee, have combined drawing, photography and collage techniques to produce a series of posters offering an idiosyncratic view of Dundee and its continual reinvention.

The work celebrates Dundee and its inhabitants by questioning preconceived ideas.The Museum of Loss and Renewal is a mobile discursive platform that creates space for sharing experiences to further the understanding of the challenges we face in our individual and communal lives.

Merging production, education and research The Museum of Loss and Renewal manifests itself in multiple forms such as exhibitions, public studios, screenings, residencies and publications.

These activities often incorporate interdisciplinary public gatherings.The curators of this autarchic museum, Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen, who also teach at DJCAD, develop in collaboration with others art projects that address issues of societal concern such as wellbeing, end of life and sustainability. Key questions evolve around social relationships, the way places are inhabited and how personal objects reflect who we are.

Public event: Tuesday 31 October, 6pm (doors open at 5.30pm)Reflecting Sharing Not Hoarding and The Museum of Loss and Renewal’s joint ambition to reach a variety of audiences, the posters will be used as conversation pieces during a public engagement event at The McManus that will explore the arts’ reflective and critical role against the backdrop of Dundee’s reimagining – in collaboration with Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design (DJCAD) Masters students on the MFA Art, Society & Publics course.