Exhibitions Shadow Work - Dundee Urban Orchard

1 October to 16 November 2015

Jonathan Baxter and Sarah Gittins – aka Dundee Urban Orchard

This exhibition – conceived as a 2D installation – took place at a particular moment in time, when Dundee Urban Orchard were beginning to lose faith that the Waterfront Development would include any edible landscaping. The exhibition, Shadow Work, drew on the writings of Ivan Illich and depicted a group of school children from Braeview Academy walking towards an elliptical shape – a hole where a tree might otherwise be planted. The installation reflected on the precarious nature of many socially engaged art projects and the failure of public bodies to create a sustainable future for both young and old alike. Since installing the work DUO are pleased to announce that a 'temporary' edible garden and orchard have now been planted in Slessor Gardens. See here for details.