9 November 2016 to 2 January 2017

Working in collaboration with NEoN Digital Arts Festival Studer and van den Berg created images comprising an imaginary park. The panorama, compiled from landscapes taken from their recent installation works, was composed of digitally generated images, without any photographic elements. Most of Studer and van den Berg's projects comment on the relationship between digital imagery and the physical space we live in. The exhibition was inspired by the artists' earlier livecam installations, where visitors walk up to an outdoor viewfinder to see themselves superimposed into an artificial space in real time. For this work, the artists borrowed the image of the viewfinder to rethink a well known motif: a person peeking through a gap in the hoardings. Here the hoardings were formed by an 'impossible landscape', in contrast to the 'public space' developing on the other side.

Visitors were asked to take photos of people looking through the central viewfinder and then send the image to sharingnothoarding.org or tweet to @weareneon.For more information about Studer and van den Berg's work for NEoN see northeastofnorth.com/event/passage-park-4-hotspot-shack