Urban Lounge

6 July to 7 September 2018

Anna Reid in collaboration with young people from Hot Chocolate Trust

Documentation of a design process exploring public space and what it means for young people in Dundee. This project introduces a reinterpretation of Slessor Gardens in the form of an expressive outdoor gathering space. The imaginative installation – comprised of a playful collection of moveable tires, chalkboards and books – begs for interaction, reactivating the area and enhancing the connection to the urban landscape. Designed by artist Anna Reid, in collaboration with young people from Hot Chocolate Trust, a youth group in Dundee, the pop-up installation demonstrates the potential of reclaiming public space. The posters share the design process and act as documentation for the ephemeral outcome itself.

More than half of the world’s children live in cities today. It is here that they learn, play, work and contribute in a multitude of ways to the making of places. Far from being just a ‘context’ for these young people’s lives, cities are significantly shaped by their activities and by the need to reflect their presence in the social organisation of life.

(Hörschelmann and van Blerk)

The pop-up installation will take place on 18th July, 2 – 6pm.

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