Surveillance: The Paradox And The Creep

16 November 2020 - 16 January 2021

Surveillance: The Paradox And The Creep.B. D. Owens

In this new artwork, B. D. Owens explores the expanding and intersecting arenas of "Surveillance Paradox" and "Surveillance Creep". Using the format of experimental visual essay, Owens incorporates layers of analogue and digital codes, imagery and texts into real life and virtual spaces. The QR codes are portals to internet locations, citations and footnotes, and the Twitter hashtag #TheParadoxAndTheCreep is a place for expanded thoughts and viewer interaction. All interactions on this Twitter hashtag will become part of the artwork.

To access the online portion of the artwork, point your mobile phone camera at the QR codes on the posters, then follow the links. If your phone does not open the QR codes you can find the links on Twitter at #TheParadoxAndTheCreep. You do not need a Twitter account to view the hashtag page.Before you travel to the next level, through the QR code portals, take a closer look! Can you find the hidden message on these posters? It's written in analogue code. There is a prize for the first 10 people to contact the artist with the decoded message.

When you find the answer, send your message to B. D. Owens through the contact form at his website