Dundee Publics: Past, Present and Future Subversions

3 February to 7 April 2017

Showing work by 10 artists from Dundee Print Collective: Lucia Gomez, Andrea Sayers, Kieran Milne, Tom Carlile, Sarah Burt, Fraser MacDonald, Bobby Sinclair, Annis Fitzhugh, Jonny Lyons, and Thomas Woodcock.

Dundee Print Collective formed in 2013 following the IMPACT 8 International Printmaking Festival Conference in Dundee. The unique aspect of Dundee Print Collective is that it is a collective not just for artists and designers. Over one hundred individuals have been involved with Dundee Print Collective and many of these individuals have had no prior artistic training. Scott Hudson said, 'We're delighted to be collaborating on our first public arts project.

Previously Dundee Print Collective have only exhibited in a gallery environment. Being part of the Sharing Not Hoarding project opens the door for our artists to convey their message and artwork to a wider audience in Dundee. We're looking forward to hearing the response.'

Dundee Print Collective continue to promote printmaking as a creative, social and educational method for anyone to express themselves visually. They encourage individuals to engage with future Dundee Print Collective projects. To find out more about Dundee Print Collective see facebook.com/dundeeprintcollective