Dundee Drawing Space

Dundee Drawing Space

Clyde Williamson, Dundee

A warm Dundonian welcome to Dundee Drawing Space! This is a public art space, accessible to everyone 24/7, with the only purpose of facilitating your thoughts, ideas, words and drawings. Please feel free to be as creative as possible. If you're stuck and looking for a theme, you could draw the future of Dundee, and what that means to you.

Idea: You could use the letter in the board you are drawing in to inspire your image. Is something hanging from the letter? You could only draw things that start with that letter? Go crazy.

Don't worry about it looking perfect - nothing is perfect. The rain will wash it away eventually, so just enjoy this space and this time to draw. Please feel free to join in if you're a local, or if you're visiting, I would love to see your perspective wherever you're from.

Dundee has a lot of spaces on this waterfront that are to the benefit of corporate gain. That is ok, so long as the revenue benefits the whole of the city, especially the parts that are struggling - but this is rarely the case.That's why it is important to me that this space exists. It is a space for you.This art space will not solve all of the problems, but it can inspire change.

Thank you to Sharing Not Hoarding and to Cully from Nomas* Projects for allowing me to run this project. Also, thank you to the people of Dundee; for sharing your thoughts and drawings, and making this city unique.